We Can Build It

Yes, photographing an original item is the ideal. However, in the real world, that can’t always happen.

Sometimes a client has the need for a different version of a product and, for one reason or another, only one is available to be photographed.

In this first case we changed the tapestry of the featured garment from our existing photograph of a similar piece. We manage a library of photos for our client and were able to source components from images that could be used to create the new piece.

Following is the image that we will use as the master, with the plan to swap out the tapestry fabric.


We then found a vestment that features the fabric we want to use.


As you can see, the tapestry is in more of a V shape vs a rectangle and consequently there is a need to add pattern/fabric to the bottom left and right in order to make it fit into the area we need.

By sourcing from other areas on the piece I was able to create enough fabric to work with to finally provide a new vestment.


In the next example I was shooting on location at a furniture showroom. The client had a version of a desk in white on the showroom floor. They also carry a version in dark maple that was not on the floor, so I built it from pieces.

Here’s the desk that was on the showroom floor.


Here’s the image I used to source the wood grain, drawers and knobs.


Using the white desk as a template I start to develop the dark maple.


I’ll now add drawers, knobs, and structure.


Sometimes, as in this beauty shot we took of a family of boots, a product is discontinued or unavailable at the time of the shoot and the image needs to be updated. A low cut boot was being discontinued and replaced by a full length boot but was still in production at the time of the shoot.


By sourcing elements from the existing boot, adding parts that were hidden in the original shot, blending seamlessly so as to keep the stripes and water drops believable, and adding the logo…


we were able to build a complete boot that fit into the original shot.


Of course, this approach is not always possible and every project calls calls on different methods to arrive at a final solution. But sometimes building an image can save the day.



  1. Terry Cowman
    March 24, 2015

    You are indeed one clever fellow! Making what you see into what you get!

  2. Marc Teatum
    March 24, 2015

    Your work is always amazing!
    It’s great that you are willing to share the steps on how it was done.
    Takes the mystery out of it, but not the magic.
    Keep showing us more!