Make it Rain

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Blog, Image Editing, Photography

Sunny day. Warm and worthy of an 8 on the nice day scale. This is the day we need a storm.

Olympus makes a product that detects the integrity of materials out in the field, like the Alaska pipe line. With the wind blowing cold and wet their product stands up and delivers.

So here we are on the scale of 8 day and an image is needed NOW. We set up a hose in the parking lot and get our trusty model nice and wet as we begin to build our image.


So lets get in closer and make sure the Olympus logo is unobstructed.



Not bad for a sunny day. His glasses are too light  for the storm we intend.



Starting to feel a little nasty.



Now we’re getting there. Selectively darkening the background and model helps add to the storm quotient as well as feature the product that the model holds.



The addition of more sharp rain trails and a few other tweaks bring us out into the rain.

Now back to the beautiful dry day. Except for the poor rain soaked model…….



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  1. Marc Teatum
    November 12, 2013

    Another great job!!! Next time someone says they think modeling is a glamorous profession…show them this. The question is: How wet did the photographer get?