Inside Out

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Blog, Image Editing, Photography

There are times when I actually photograph outside of a commercial setting.

I’m posting some images I took on the back shore of Gloucester during a summer road race. I used flash to illuminate the runners while letting the background be underexposed to maintain a stormy look .


Cool how the lettering popped on the cruiser. And check out the sky. Nice how the clouds are opening up, pointing toward the officer.


The sky does the same thing here, pointing to the runner. Yes, he’s not touching the ground.


I like the dip in the road here. Getting a shot with the runner stepping at the depression would have been cool (note to self, try moving a runner into that position with editing….).


The flash is freezing the motion and creating a little shadow behind the runners that makes them appear to be pasted onto the scene.


This close up shows that effect a little better.


There is a way to have the flash fire so that this shadow is all at the right side of the runners, which would lessen the pasted effect and increase the motion. I like this effect here though. I imagine the runner in their own world, separate from their surroundings.


I liked the bushes framing the runner here. And, the guests only sign is a fun little element.


As the race proceeded there were more people bunched together. Some noticed the guy with the camera.


Just love this one.


Another happy photographer taking up the rear.


I keep coming back to that idea of the runner in their own world. An interior experience in an outdoor setting.

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  1. Paula Eaton
    October 17, 2013

    Very interesting and great pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed them!