Getting the Most Out of an Image

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Blog, Image Editing, Photography

Photography today gives us quite a bit of latitude when exposing for an image compared to the past. Sensors today permit us to shoot in low light and still capture an image that is recognizable without being totally grainy (noisy). What is related to this is the ability to find information in an image that when first viewed does not show up.


In this image the interior seems a bit dark and the sky blown out. A lighter exposure could have been made to open up the pool table, but that would have also lightened the sky even more (as a matter of fact, multiple exposures were made but I chose this one to work with).


I was able to open up the darker areas of the image to better feature the inside of the room and at the same time darken and add contrast to the lighter areas, finding the hidden clouds. This was all done without having to resort to fancy Photoshop work. It also was done with 1 exposure. HDR, or high dynamic range photography uses multiple exposures sandwiched together and can further expand what can be extracted from a scene. Still, it’s pretty amazing to be able to find all this information from 1 image.


Taken from the same shoot, this image may have gone in the trash in the past because it was so dark around the grills


Not only was there an amazing amount of detail in the dark areas, now the sky really becomes dramatic. With a little pumping up of color this image is definitely a keeper.