Aflac Poster Process

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This is a good example both of how images can be combined and how a project can change direction.

We were provided a comp (1) and assets (2 & 3).


I first needed to remove the people and change perspective (4). I removed the elevator doors and created rooms in the new openings, added a walkway, introduced the sign with duck graphic, and placed the Aflac duck plus all associated shadows (5)—let’s see how it flies (pun intended).


Following the specs for the piece necessitated adding floor tiles (6). And, the old sign didn’t really work—a new sign was chosen—and the revolving doors in the background and the wood baseboard were distracting so removed (6 & 7).


Let’s make it look more office like. Replace the tiles with rug and add a dropped ceiling (8). The sign base needs a different look (9). Bring it all together (10).


OK. Let’s lengthen the hall and move the sign. Make the sign base less gold, more silver. Adjust the interior lighting inside the rooms and make the walls less chunky, and put some bolts on the sign to fasten it to the base (11).

OK. More foreground, less ceiling (12).

Wait, backup to show more ceiling maintaining the current enhancements and lets reintroduce the duck (13).


Fast forward through 2 more iterations. A new sign base is introduced and a new Aflac duck brings us to completion (14).

Yes, it is a process, and it is fluid and it is a team effort and every move affects the overall piece. I always try to keep all elements of the project in a state that I can adjust until we agree on a final version.
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  1. Terasa Marshall
    December 19, 2012

    Al and Faith, I enjoyed reading this blog and learning all that is involved in this creative process! The website looks great!